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Our Story

Every business has a common thread—they all require space. Whether you are an office operation, distributor or manufacturer, though your requirement may be vastly different, the same general process applies in finding a suitable space to lease or purchase for your business to grow and prosper. Garden State Realty takes a systematic approach to understand our client’s needs, goals, and objectives.

Six Stages of a Transaction

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Stage #1
Defining the Requirement & Team Selection

Garden State Realty professionals ask the right questions in order to develop optimal real estate solutions that provide the greatest value for each of our clients to ensure the best results.

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Stage #2
Situation Analysis & Strategy Development

Our team will refine its understanding of the client’s business, spatial, and financial requirements.

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Stage #3
Market Survey

The strategy we develop in Stage 2 of the tenant and purchaser representation process will drive the search process.


Stage #4
Alternative Site Qualification & Selection

Our team will examine the available alternatives and conduct physical, qualitative, and financial analyses to determine the  most suitable options for our clients.

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Stage #5

Our team will formulate specific negotiation strategies to use with owners of the properties as alternatives for our client’s occupancy.

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Stage #6
Follow Up Service and Ongoing Maintenance

Garden State Realty’s commitment to our clients does not end with the fulfillment of your immediate real estate requirement.